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Audio and Video Systems


Seamlessly Swap Between Numerous Content Sources While Components Stay Hidden

Any audio visual system can be encumbered by myriad pieces of equipment, creating visual clutter and inhibiting simple methods of control. Boxes for multiple content sources take up space while numerous remotes and switches overcomplicate system operation.

By consolidating equipment in one central location and distributing the audio and video content to the speakers and displays within the room where they’re heard and viewed, gear is kept out of sight. A dedicated area for all component storage allows for proper ventilation and cooling, which promotes proper functionality and prolongs equipment life.

Gone are the multiple remotes required for operation. The audio and video systems are integrated into one platform, with a touch screen or remote used for a single, intuitive point of control. Any user can control the speakers and displays and easily change what is being played.

Let us consolidate your equipment and provide simple, intuitive control of your audio video system.


The days of controlling 50 displays with 50 remotes are (thankfully) over. Casaplex can offer you a FREE quote to upgrade your office's A/V Controls today. 

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