Video Walls


Take Your Content Display to the Next Level

Whether an application calls for impressive digital signage, a massive display, simultaneous viewing of multiple sources of content, or a precise picture for viewing data, the capabilities of video walls address those requirements.

Video walls set the stage in a building lobby or prominent entryway, whether by promoting branding to visitors or building culture and conveying information for employees. Both the impressive size and the stunning resolution of the display serve to make a statement, and the product becomes a focal point for whatever dynamic image or messaging is shown.

Numerous settings benefit from the ability to view multiple video sources at once; that need is what sparked the genesis of video walls, first utilized in command and control centers. It is possible to transition among sources and also alter the display size of those sources.

The resolution and clarity of the data shown on that display is striking, particularly when juxtaposed with the display size. This is perhaps best demonstrated with an example that resonates with anyone who has sat in a conference room: viewing an Excel spreadsheet. Video walls work as well at the fine detail level as they do for grand scales.



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