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Lighting Control

Pool with Lighting Control

Putting your home in the right light

Light pervades nearly every space and activity within a home. When regulated by conventional on/off switches, lighting remains a cold and constant backdrop. When controlled however, the results are visual magic: light becomes alive and dynamic, an integral component uniquely woven into every experience. Activities are meant for differentiated layers of light, and System One lighting control promises that with the ease and convenience of touching one button.


The comfort of a room, the quality of a picture, the emphasis on artwork, the fidelity of speakers – all are optimized when experienced in the right light. System One achieves that through intuitive design befitting each room’s application, and deploying that design via sleek controls whose engraved buttons clearly denote each beautifully programmed lighting scene.

Automated Shading

Automated Shading

Bringing out the best in natural light

The System One perspective on lighting control extends from the wallbox to the windows, since control of electric light cannot be fully appreciated without control of daylight. Deploying total control at the touch of a button, automated shades perfectly embody the concept of function meeting fashion. Shades move in sync and in silence, fabricated in beautiful materials to lend aesthetics to practical demands.

Bedroom Shade Control
Master Bedroom Shades


From protecting interiors from fading to reducing heat gain for comfort and energy efficiency, the System One platform incorporates shades to provide a controllable filter to enjoy natural light’s benefits. They can also reduce it for privacy, or eliminate it entirely for glare removal. Just as with electric light, the appropriate levels of natural light vary by activity, therefore require control.

Whole Home Control

Whole Home Control Touchpanel

Centralizing your home’s functionality

All of the systems available to outfit a smart home – lighting control, distributed audio, security, etc. – have inherent benefits that lend both practicality and enjoyment to everyday activities. A well-designed and programmed whole home control system – the hallmark of System One – serves as the differentiator between a smart home and a home with smart technology.


System One unifies all of these systems under one umbrella, where they can communicate and be controlled within one interface, which is the only method for truly maximizing the value of smart home technology. Standardizing on one brand of whole home control has resulted in a level of in-house expertise that has in turn yielded programming applications and efficiencies unique to System One.

Outdoor Spaces

Exterior Pool Night

Bringing in-home comforts to the outdoors

Outdoor areas have become extensions of a home’s indoor living space, and focal points for gathering and entertaining. For these purposes, System One treats patios, lawns, and pool areas with the same outfitting as a home’s interior. Displays rated for outdoor use and landscape speakers disguised within foliage facilitate the outdoor audio visual experience.

Exterior Pool Day
Exterior Pool with Award-Winning Lighting


Control of outdoor lighting, whether around a seating area or within the pool, lend comfort and ambiance to the space. Automation of filtration, sanitation, and other pool maintenance minimizes time or thought spent on such tasks. As flexible and customized as an in-home system, enhancing a home’s exterior with the System One platform elevates the outdoor living experience.

Other Aspects of System One

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