AIA-Accredited A/V Tech Webinars


Join us for our new monthly series of live webinars to learn how you can weave architectural design and audiovisual technology together to create immersive experiences that make a lasting impact for clients. You’ll hear from top industry leaders and brands about incorporating stable, yet flexible A/V solutions in designs that meet the unique needs of your clients and their audiences. 

Upcoming Webinars

Tuesday, December 7 at 12:00 PM | Ambient Light Rejection (In Partnership with Screen Innovations)
This course will explore the history of Ambient Light Rejection (ALR) screens, address the need for ALR materials, take a deep dive into technical specifications and showcase how ALR screens are applicable in real world scenarios. At the end of the course you will discover the history of screen materials, understand the need for ALR screen materials and the problems they are solving, know the technical aspects of ALR materials and now they perform in various environments.

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