The home theater of your dreams is closer than you think

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The home theater of your dreams is closer than you think

Casaplex builds luxury custom home theater systems and multipurpose rooms in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia

The home theater of your dreams is closer than you think

You don’t just aspire to create a home theater or multi-purpose room that is beautiful to look at - the design should be intentional and built with high performance in mind. After years of designing award-winning home theater experiences in the Washington, DC metro area, we know that the best home theater systems embrace the intersection of acoustics and visuals in a way that’s totally unique to the rest of the home. That’s why the perfect space starts with a methodical process.

The Home Theater Design Process

To create the bespoke entertainment space you desire, it’s all about making design and technology work well together.

In this Maryland home theater, high quality visuals and a comfortable environment make the experience.

When you work with us, we’ll provide you with:

A Fully Engineered Theater System Plan and Room Elevations. We’ll start with a theater system plan to show locations of the devices that will be integrated into your space. It not only shows the dimensions of each element on the wall, but displays the broader scale of where each fits into the room. Our engineers will review the design to ensure the technologies will work well together and exceed the performance expectations while meeting the budget.

When we’re constructing a home theater, we always start with a room plan and elevations - we know the exact measurements of each wall, screen and speaker before we begin building.
Equipment drawings show how the system is to be built and can be a reference for future expansions and maintenance.

Equipment Drawings. A complete set of equipment drawings will provide a detailed record of how all the components fit together to make a complete system. As-built drawings will be provided to allow for easy maintenance and upgrades in the future.

To get that unforgettable audio experience in your home movie theater, it’s necessary to do an acoustical analysis. This is a sample render that is included as part of the acoustical analysis. See what your room will look like before it is built!

Sample acoustical analysis rendering

Acoustical Analysis with Render. An acoustical analysis will be performed using detailed room measurements, noting the types of room surfaces. This analysis will inform our equipment choices. Recommendations as to acoustical treatments will be made to allow the performance of the audio equipment and speakers to live up to their full potential.

Whether you’re looking for traditional floorstanding speakers, in-wall speakers paintable to match your walls, in-ceiling units whose architecture matches that of recessed downlights, or invisible speakers completely hidden within a wall or ceiling, our process is meant to create a plan that visually complements any space.

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Custom Home Theater and Multi-Purpose Room Considerations

Before you get into the nitty gritty of design, audio, and visuals for your home theater, it’s imperative to assess your wants and needs. This way, your design and tech team can provide guidance on the best options for your particular project.

What are your priorities? Designing a home theater will give you the chance to start your go-to entertainment room from scratch. Here’s what homeowners are often looking for when they’re starting a home movie theater project:  

  • A fresh design
  • The latest tech
  • An entertainment space that’s easy and enjoyable to use

Is return on investment a factor? The value of a home theater is in: 

  • The beauty of the aesthetics, and if the design has universal appeal
  • The quality and lifespan of the design and its tech
  • And, the appeal of the space to prospective buyers

Multi-purpose rooms tend to provide a higher return on investment for most homes, as they provide space for activities like exercise and social gatherings, in addition to movie nights. 

What technology will make for the best experience? Beautiful design? Check. Cinema quality surround sound? Check. Disruptive ambient light, glare on your screen, noise pollution from outside or the next room? Hopefully not! These are the details that can ruin an otherwise perfect home theater design. Our designs not only consider audio and visual technology, but complementary technologies like automated shades, noise control, lighting technology, and more. 

How can design help prevent tech from becoming an “eye sore”? Of course, putting design first means that storage and electronics can be hidden. Our team crafts acoustical panels, trim elements, and more in tandem with the wiring, speakers, and other gear. The end result is a high-performing, elegant space that can be fully integrated with your smart home operating system.

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Custom Home Theater FAQs

How much does a home theater cost? 

Because there is a huge range in how you can achieve a home theater installation, cost can range from $20,000 to $200,000 and more. Cost can depend on whether you already have a dedicated room you’re converting in the basement, or you’re building the room or section of the home entirely from scratch. It can also fall higher or lower on the spectrum depending on the caliber of equipment and design you choose. 

Should I do a home theater or multipurpose room? 

It depends. If you don’t want to dedicate an entire room solely to a theater, or you’d prefer to maintain a more open space feel, you may want to lean toward a multipurpose room. The downside of this is that you will give up some acoustic and visual performance. On the other hand, your inner movie buff or audiophile may want the dedicated space and sound and visual aesthetics that go with a dedicated space. Discuss the possibilities with a technology integrator or designer that specializes in home theater systems. 

How do you design a speaker layout? 

When we’re designing a speaker layout there are many considerations and of course they have to be balanced with the design of the space. We analyze the room layout and determine the optimal speaker locations for the best possible performance using current Dolby and DTS recommendations. Overhead speakers can be included to add a 3rd dimension to the audio experience.

What’s the difference between surround sound and a home theater? 

Surround sound is a more in-depth audio experience than the traditional TV speaker, and comes from multiple sources placed around the room, including overhead. A home theater, which includes surround sound, aims to create an immersive experience that combines high quality audiovisuals with the convenience and entertainment of a movie theater and the design details that are custom to your interests and preferences. 

How can I make my home like a movie theater? 

To get the movie theater experience at home, you’ll work with a home theater expert to create a design that’s fun and unique, easy to use and gives you the most value for your investment. Put simply though, the essential elements are:

  • A design aesthetic that coincides with the rest of the home
  • A vivid visual display and stellar surround sound
  • Sound and light proofing to create a better viewing experience
  • Fast network connection, considering how much we view via streaming services

If you’re ready to upgrade your home’s entertainment spaces, we’re ready to help. Contact our team to kick off your home theater design project.

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