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Connecting you to your home

Casaplex works with you to get all of your home systems connected so that you can have peace of mind and simplicity in connecting to all the electronic systems in your home.

Security Panel


Network Power Supply

The life source of every system

Like oxygen to the body, so too is power to System One: in the absence of a clean and reliable source, the system will cease to function and vital components will suffer damage. Power must be consistent, steady, clean; we achieve this by filtering and cleaning incoming line voltage, and transmitting a consistent voltage to the rest of the System One body of equipment.


This process incorporates surge protection as well, mitigating the effects of voltage sags and spikes on system componentry. A battery backup acts as a final line of defense in the event of power outages, applied according to specific calculations dictating the amount of battery power needed to keep critical System One faculties running.


Network Rack

A robust and powerful infrastructure

As power fuels the smart home, its network provides the system integrity. It is the backbone of a System One smart home: connecting the various smart subsystems, promoting the fast and reliable flow of communication, enabling a contiguous WiFi system throughout the house to support all mobile devices and streaming content – these are the hallmarks of a well-defined network.


Implementing enterprise-class networks and firewalls suitable for commercial environments ensures that a System One network will have the protection and performance unparalleled in the residential market.

Other Aspects of System One

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Cisco can provide the platform for campus, branch, data center, and wide-area networks that are highly available while integrating security at all levels of the network, helping to ensure the optimized delivery of application and communications, and providing inherent manageability.