Sit back and take in an immersive audio visual experience, with the full range of entertainment options
and none of the equipment clutter. Switch seamlessly among music and video sources via a single, intuitive point of control.

Media Rooms & Dedicated Theaters

Media rooms and theaters represent an intimate convergence of technology and construction. Acoustics and electronics must be accounted for in a way unique to the rest of the home, and call for a specific method of building in order to deliver optimal performance. As such, a Casaplex Encore Theater comprises the design and construction of the physical space in addition to the technological aspects, resulting in a bespoke environment showcasing the best in private cinema.


Advances in technology have elevated visual media to a new level of color and clarity; as a result 4K is the System One standard. The System One viewing experience is marked as much the stunning picture quality as the ease of use, with one point of control. Sleek displays can be disguised when not in use, and all hardware is located remotely to eliminate clutter from the space.


Audio plays a major role in dictating the ambiance of a home, and the experiences therein. In addition to the quality of the sound, System One accommodates for coverage, sources, appearance, and control. Whether a pair of custom handcrafted speakers, in-ceiling units whose architecture matches recessed downlights, or invisible speakers completely hidden within a wall or ceiling, the premium audio facet of System One will aurally and visually complement any space.

Whole House Audio & Video

Give yourself control over your entertainment system from a single remote or work your way up to smart phone control over your entire home. We can help you realize your home’s potential to be truly smart and effortless to control.

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Home Theater

Bring movie night to a new level with your own home theater. We provide the skill and knowledge to create the highlight of your weekends and sporting events. Hide the equipment elsewhere but always be in control with custom designed control methods.

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Display & Audio Calibration

Ensure you’re experiencing the best your equipment can offer. Most equipment needs adjustment to suit the environment it’s installed in and our trained ISF technicians will gladly calibrate both displays and audio to their optimal settings.

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Enjoy your home the way it was intended, in a comfortable, controllable environment.
Lights, shades, and temperatures — all can adjust automatically or at the press of a button
to effortlessly regulate the comfort and climate of your entire home.

Lighting Control

Light pervades nearly every space and activity within a home. The comfort of a room, the quality of a picture, the emphasis on artwork, the fidelity of speakers – all are optimized when experienced in the right light. System One achieves that through design befitting each room’s application, and deploying that design via sleek, intuitive controls whose engraved buttons clearly denote each beautifully programmed lighting scene.

Automated Shading

The System One perspective on lighting control extends from the wallbox to the windows, since control of electric light cannot be fully appreciated without control of daylight. Deploying total control at the touch of a button, automated shades perfectly embody the concept of function meeting fashion. Shades move in sync and in silence, fabricated in beautiful materials to lend aesthetics to practical demands of privacy, protection of furnishings, insulation and reduced heat gain, and glare reduction.

Whole Home Control

All of the systems available to outfit a smart home – lighting control, distributed audio, security, etc. – have inherent benefits that lend both practicality and enjoyment to everyday activities. System One unifies all of these systems under one umbrella, where they can communicate and be controlled within one interface, which is the only method for truly maximizing the value of smart home technology.

Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor areas have become extensions of a home’s indoor living space, and focal points for gathering and entertaining. System One treats patios, lawns, and pool areas with the same outfitting as a home’s interior: from displays rated for outdoor use and landscape speakers disguised within foliage to outdoor lighting control and automated pool filtration and maintenance.

Maximize the enjoyment of your home with the peace of mind in knowing that it is secure and running reliably.
A proper network ensures the smooth operation of all things wireless, while a robust security system protects what matters most.


System One takes a holistic approach to home security, with a three-tiered platform consisting of surveillance, monitored intrusion detection, and access control. This is delivered by cameras whose feeds are accessible via mobile device for an instant visual of the property; sensors detecting human motion, glass breaks, or door opens, connected to an alarm system; and home entry whose entry is selectively restricted via a keypad combination, key fob, or biometric reading.


Power must be consistent, steady, clean. We achieve this by filtering and cleaning incoming line voltage, and transmitting a consistent voltage to the rest of the System One body of equipment. Surge protection mitigates the effects of voltage sags and spikes on componentry. A battery backup acts as a final line of defense in the event of power outages, applied to keep critical System One faculties running.


As the integrity of a system rests on its network, this is the backbone of a System One smart home: connecting the various smart subsystems, promoting the fast and reliable flow of communication, enabling a contiguous WiFi system throughout the house to support all mobile devices and streaming content. This functionality is implemented via enterprise-class networks and firewalls, delivering protection and performance unparalleled in the residential market.

Security Solutions

With the rise of technology, security has become a more commonplace addition to any home. Casaplex can help integrate a security system for your lifestyle. Check camera’s remotely, unlock the door for guests, or get text messages while you’re on vacation of accesses with one of our many options.

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The key to technology of today is the network it operates on. Casaplex can help lay the framework for a future proof network that will ensure the highest experience on any platform. Casaplex works with wireless networks, copper networks, and even fiber for those that choose to approach the bleeding edge of technology.

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