Multipurpose Rooms


Change the Environment in Your Space to Suit Any Activity

For the sake of space, efficiency, or some other factor, it is practical to have areas of a building serve multiple uses, whether for events, presentations, meetings, or other gatherings. A well-configured technology system will make the transitions quick and effective, and delineate a clear shift in the feel of the room to match the next activity.

Control of the lighting, down to the individual fixtures, is crucial for multipurpose spaces. Lighting is the main factor in changing the look and feel of a space, so having the ability to dynamically adjust the lights gives that needed versatility, while also saving time in transition.

Motorization of elements within the room, such as displays or even walls, also gives meaningful change to the layout and adapts to new functional requirements. For example, displays positioned on the wall for background content scrolling make sense for a social event, whereas grouping those displays together in the focal point of a room would be required for a visual presentation. Motorization and simple control makes that possible.

The need for a sophisticated audio visual system to outfit the space, and adjust for the various purposes the room will serve, goes without saying. A centralized platform will allow for intuitive control of all things AV, along with the lighting, motorization, and other technology in the space.

Make the most of your multipurpose or event space with the proper technology system, and ensure its upkeep for years to come with our client care packages.

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