Automated Shading


Manage Daylight Effectively to Improve Occupant Comfort and Energy Usage

Sunlight has a powerful effect on wellbeing. It is necessary to harness that power to fully reap the benefits, while mitigating the potential downsides; this is done through automated shading.

Direct sunlight beaming through a bank of windows, or an all-glass building, will quickly heat the space and work against the efforts of the cooling system. Automated shades can adjust dynamically on any facade according to the sun’s position, and save up 10-30% on cooling costs by limiting solar heat gain.

From an occupant comfort perspective, shades that automatically adjust to diffuse direct sunlight and block glare from screens are a convenient time saver that keep employees comfortable and productive.

Joining the forces of daylight and electric light provides total light control, and has a synergistic effect with regard to energy savings. Combining the two allows for a concept called daylight harvesting, which utilizes a higher degree of natural light close to the windows and reduces electric light usage there, while the opposite is true toward the building’s interior. This allows for a consistent level of light throughout the space while saving energy, by adjusting automated shades to allow for more natural light in order to reduce the need for electric light.

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