Casaplex iTunes 11: First Impressions

iTunes 11: First Impressions

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Apple has just released iTunes 11. First you will notice a new iTunes icon. Then you will notice the new iTunes 11 User Interface. I am stunned at the overall refresh of the application. It is simply amazing. After just using the application for a few minutes, I am really enjoying the new UI. It is very fast and sleek. …

Casaplex Review: Windows 8 (Without a Touchscreen)

Review: Windows 8 (Without a Touchscreen)

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So you have a nice shiny laptop without a touch screen. What does Windows 8 mean to you? I wanted to know first hand how things panned out. I recently reviewed the ASUS N56VM and decided it would be a perfect candidate for such an endeavor. Windows 8 is toted as the new, pretty, touchable operating system to bring up …

Casaplex Review: Asus N56VM

Review: Asus N56VM

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I’ll be reviewing the Asus N56VM laptop. The time for a new laptop had come and I had a goal. A high quality laptop, aluminum body, backlight keyboard with a 9 pad, Nvidia GPU, and at least a 1080 monitor. Let me say that that isn’t the easiest search criteria out there if you’re not looking for an Apple product. …

Design at Casaplex

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  It was hard for me to conceptualize Casaplex’s impact until I saw a system being built in a client’s home. The attention to detail required is unbelievable – it seemed obvious to me that a good deal of effort would be required to implement television and sound control from a touch panel, but the challenge of ensuring that lights …

Introduction to Home Automation

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As I browse my daily tech blogs such as Gizmodo and Engadget, home automation always catches my eye.  I mean, who doesn’t want their home to have all the amazing features you would only see on TV or in a movie like Iron Man.  I knew that a lot of things were capable of being accomplished through home automation but …