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Casaplex Crestron AirMedia

A Solution to Conference Room Cable Clutter

We’ve all seen it: Conference Room Cable Clutter. You walk into your company’s conference room and see a plethora of the following cables on the table to hook up your laptop to make a presentation on the TV: VGA Cables, DVI Cables, HDMI Cables, audio cables, along with some cables you never even knew existed. Crestron Airmedia is the  solution to this problem.

Since it’s debut in July 2013, Casaplex has deployed over 75 Crestron AirMedia (Crestron AM-100) Presentation Gateways. It’s a great device for conference rooms and collaboration rooms. For IT Teams who deploy it on the company network Crestron AirMedia is secure and can be locked down for authorized users only. End-users love the ease of use as they do not have to connect any cable,  figure out which cable they have to connect to their laptop, or what input on the TV to switch to. It just works. It is a win-win for both IT Teams and end-users.

Crestron AirMedia – What is it?

Crestron AirMedia is a Presentation Gateway. It enables end-users to wirelessly display content on a TV using laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The following video shows you how it works:

What is needed to connect a Crestron AirMedia to a TV:

  • Network Connectivity on a LAN with a Wireless AP on the same LAN or a Router with built-in Wireless
  • TV with HDMI or VGA/Analog Audio Connection (We Recommend HDMI)
  • HDMI Cable
  • CAT5e Cable
  • Power Outlet for the Crestron AirMedia Presentation Gateway

Crestron AirMedia feature: Quad View

Using Quad View mode, up to four sources can be displayed simultaneously, enabling users to compare and contrast different content on screen at once without having to toggle back and forth.

Easy Installation

The compact Cretsron AirMedia device fits easily above a projector or behind a flat panel display. A surface mounting bracket is included for attachment to a wall or ceiling, with HDMI® and VGA/analog audio outputs provided for connection to the display device. AirMedia connects to existing Ethernet infrastructure and takes advantage of your organization’s Wi-Fi network, affording an optimal wireless interface for laptops and mobile devices.

Customizable Welcome Screen

To facilitate a user-friendly experience, Crestron AirMedia provides a customizable home screen that appears on the room display to welcome meeting participants as they enter the room. The welcome screen can display the company logo and room name along with easy to follow instructions, enabling presenters to connect their devices and start presenting quickly for maximum productivity.

Multi-User Support

Imagine 32 devices all connected and ready to share, but instead of a clutter of cables entangled across the tabletop or floor, there are just people and their Wi-Fi enabled devices. Crestron AirMedia lets up to 32 users connect at once, switching from one device to the next for seamless collaboration on the fly.

Apple AirPlay Mirroring is not available on the Crestron AirMedia – We hope to see this in the future.

Key Features

  • Enables wireless presentation of HD content using laptops, tablets, and smartphones
  • Low cost, easy to use, and easy to deploy across any number of rooms
  • Compatible with Windows®, OS X®, Apple® iOS®, and Android™
  • Displays up to four presentation sources at once in Quad View
  • Integrates with DigitalMedia™, CaptureLiveHD™, Crestron RL™ and other systems
  • Customizable welcome screen provides clear instructions for presenters
  • Integrates seamlessly with Crestron Connected™ displays
  • Compatible with virtually any display device
  • Supports Full HD 1080p and UXGA display resolutions
  • Provides HDMI®, VGA, and analog audio outputs
  • Choice of connection methods accommodates all types of users and organizations
  • Supports up to 32 simultaneous presenter connections
  • Remote View allows viewing and saving of presentation images through a Web browser
  • Compact form factor fits easily behind flat panels and above projectors
  • Able to leverage existing wired and wireless network infrastructure

For more information about Crestron AirMedia or other Conference Room Solutions Contact Us:

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