Ten Important Questions about Workplace Tech Design

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Workplace technology isn’t simply audio and visual components, it’s creating a smart ecosystem of technology that keeps us well and productive. This is crucial, especially in a post-pandemic environment where offices are testing the boundaries of hybrid work.  Whether you’re renovating an entire office, retail, or commercial space, or simply looking to make a few key improvements, take the technology … Read More

Why organizations are creating their own (hybrid) event spaces

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CasaPlex Featured Project

Why organizations are creating their own (hybrid) event spaces It only takes one chaotic conference. If you’ve been trying to build confidence in your new hybrid events, but it’s felt like an uphill battle, there could be a hidden reason you’ve not yet considered – location. When you book a new event space, there’s the assumption that some amount of time … Read More

Virtual Board Meetings

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Spacious Home Theater Interior

Associations are going virtual with their board meetings Here’s what you need to know Before 2020, most association boards only met virtually as a last resort. When they did, there was often hesitancy or lack of attendance due to one familiar roadblock – persistent technical difficulties.  Virtual meetings can be disjointed, disconnected and overall, dissatisfying. Frustration over technical difficulties can … Read More

How Shading Completes the Modern Smart Home

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Sunlight Management in Home Interiors

Remember those clunky car phones of the 1990s? They were cool at the time but boy, has technology come a long way. The same goes for shading. Motorization used to be the latest innovation, but now those noisy, finicky shades are completely outdated. Motorization is hushed, and simply a starting point of fully automated shading technology.  Shading nowadays is an … Read More

Technologies that Blend Seamlessly Into Workplace Design

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Today’s workplace is more complex than ever before, making it increasingly important for companies to not only have the right tools, but the right environments to support their new-age workforces. However, striking the right balance between technology and design to create positive workplace experiences is becoming more difficult as the workplace continues to dramatically shift. Gensler revealed that workplace effectiveness … Read More

Renovating Your Home? Here are 5 Features You Won’t Be Able to Live Without.

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The world isn’t quite the same as it was 6 months ago. We’re spending more time at home, so naturally, a lot of us have thought about upgrading our existing space. It’s the one silver lining of being home-bound for so long. As you envision your dream home, consider new design features that not only make your home look better … Read More

Designing with Digital Collaboration in Mind; Your Clients Will Thank You

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Let’s face it, the traditional style office design is dead. It has been for some time because it’s no longer suited to help clients deliver what their customers expect. That’s not to say offices are obsolete or it’s time to abandon one of your market segments because technology’s role in business has enabled remote workforces to work anywhere, any time. … Read More