Top 5 Benefits of Lighting Control

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What is the most commonly used appliance in the home? Lights. Yet, it’s one of the only ones without variable control. Think about it: could you imagine if you had no volume control for your television? Or if your HVAC didn’t allow for temperature variation? Even the toaster allows for how dark you want your bread. But your lights are … Read More

February Company Update

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Casaplex February Company Update

Wow. That is all we can say about the start of 2017. Things have been moving so quickly for Casaplex that we haven’t taken a breather to reflect on what has happened since the last newsletter.  To summarize the start of the year so far: We had our company ‘holiday’ party in January, we started the quarter off with a … Read More

Audiophile Listening Event on Friday, November 18!

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Over the past year we have signed on with some of the most innovative and world renowned audio manufacturers, and we are excited to show off these world class partners! To kick off our partnerships, we are planning to have a party at the Casaplex HQ office in Kensington for all clients, friends and staff. The event will be held … Read More