Audiophile Listening Event on Friday, November 18!

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Over the past year we have signed on with some of the most innovative and world renowned audio manufacturers, and we are excited to show off these world class partners! To kick off our partnerships, we are planning to have a party at the Casaplex HQ office in Kensington for all clients, friends and staff. The event will be held … Read More

CES Day 1: Tech East

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Casaplex CES Day 1: Tech East
It's the first industry access day to the Consumer Electronics Show and Derek and I have landed just in time to get started. Our initial impression from Day 1 was an interesting mix of cool, refined technology, and a lot of the same technology reiterated in a less impressive way.We perused as much as we could physically muster for the ... Read More

Bethesda Bowling

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We have plenty of meetings at Casaplex, most of them smaller dealings between a few people, but most weeks we try to have one where everybody in the company is involved. Because everybody is rather busy, we normally settle for having the lot of us on a Zoom call, but today we decided to take everybody off of the schedule ... Read More