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What is a lighting control system?

A lighting control system is an intelligent network of lighting controls which allows you to have control of the lights in a space. There are various types of lighting control systems available to you depending on your needs and desires.  A normal switch in your home that switches a light on and off is a form of lighting control. Your driveway flood lights that turn on when it detects  motion as someone pulls up to your house is also a form of lighting control. To fully understand what a lighting control system is, we need to understand the different types of lighting control systems are, and how they are different than simple lighting controls.

Centralized Lighting Control Systems

A centralized lighting control system has all the lighting circuits in a space run to a central location instead of to wall switches throughout the space.  Simple yet powerful keypads throughout the space give you the ability to control the lights in various ways.  The processor is the brain of the system which allows for the additional control and various programming features.  Programming allows you to recall lighting scenes and dim different groups of lights with just one button press.  An entertainment button can be programmed to set your dining room and living room lights to 50%. Landscaped lights can be on time clocks that turn on automatically at sunset and then off again at sunrise. Some of the more sophisticated lighting control systems can even allow you to control lights from an iPhone, iPad, or android device. If you are interested in controlling your lights from an iPhone, you can read this review of many different app options:   One main benefit of this type of centralized lighting control system is that it gets rid of the clutter on the walls caused by banks of switches.

Wireless Lighting Control Systems

A wireless lighting control system is another type of lighting control consisting of controllable dimmers and switches which can easily be swapped with traditional stand-alone switches and dimmers.  This type of system is easy to install, affordable, and is a very popular option for retro-fit projects because of the reduced need to run wires.  A wireless lighting control system also has the ability to incorporate keypads and all of the same programming options of a centralized system.  All of the dimmers and switches communicate wirelessly to the processor which is why this system is less expensive and requires less installation.

Hybrid Lighting Control Systems

A hybrid lighting control system is a combination of centralized and wireless systems. Wireless and wired devices are incorporated into one system and are able to communicate to each other seamlessly. This is a great option for a space that is undergoing partial renovations where some of the lighting circuits can be run to a central location while walls and ceilings are open.

All of the systems mentioned here are different forms of lighting control systems. The common benefit that all these systems share is the convenience that they offer the end user.  These systems are designed and programmed to be intuitive and easy to control with the purpose of making your life easier.  For more information about designing and purchasing a lighting control system, please fill out the information below.

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  1. I thought it was very interesting that you pointed out that there are hybrid lighting control systems. I didn’t know that this is the best option for spaces that are going through renovations. My father is looking to re-do the kitchen. Being able to control the lights without wires and with wires seems like a good option to ensure he has enough lighting.

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