Take Your LED Video Wall to the Next Level

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Take Your LED Video Wall to the Next Level

LED video walls can transform any work environment into an exciting experience that keeps employees engaged - it combines the physical and digital worlds to create more enjoyable presentations, conferences, board meetings, and more.

Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated wall panel to present to clients or some impressive digital signage to feature, thoughtfully designed video walls can quickly bring these corporate necessities to life. Learn more about LED video wall panels by getting the answers to these frequently asked questions.

These LED Video Wall Panels are designed to look like a gallery wall - video walls can be used for image and signage display or for entertainment purposes

What are the benefits of a video wall display?

  • View multiple video sources or displays at once
  • Present data with greater effect 
  • Easily and elegantly transition between video sources
  • Alter display sizes quickly

Why would an office need a video wall?

In the workplace, there’s a constant need for both presentation and collaboration. An LCD or LED video wall addresses both of these necessities with elegance and precision. Not only will it be a striking display for any potential clients or stakeholders, but it will also serve in the day-to-day capacity by elevating the audiovisuals for any meeting and making tasks like sharing important announcements or displaying digital signage easier than ever.

This art installation uses LED Video Walls as displays for high-quality images - another worthy use for video wall panels in a corporate or nonprofit setting

What are LED video walls used for?

Video walls are used to set the stage for an immersive experience. While a high-definition LED wall panel can elevate the task of entering a building or set the stage for an immersive audiovisual experience, it can also serve as a dynamic, purposeful piece of architecture in a workspace. Set the backdrop for an important keynote address or support a press conference with visual aids - the possibilities are yours to imagine. Here are some exciting ways to use video wall systems:

  • Set the Stage for an Immersive Experience. Elevate the task of entering a building and set the stage for an immersive audiovisual experience.
  • Think Beyond Functionality. Think beyond functionality and treat media wall technology as a dynamic, purposeful architectural material within workspaces.
  • Power Content with Seamless Control. Benefit from the ability to view multiple video sources at once, easily transition between them, and alter display sizes.
  • Amplify Data Display. The striking resolution and clarity of today’s media wall technology amplifies the way we present data.
This media wall is being used for display in meetings or presentations - what used to be a corporate necessity is now an active way to engage and wow clients with high definition display

How do video walls work?

A video wall is a multi-section display that joins several screens together to display larger images or windows of multiple images. A popular way to display this technology is through LED - light emits from the screens as the electric current passes through it. These displays are then connected - and enabled - with a combination of power sources and HDMI cables.

How do I design a video wall?

  • Define your “why” 
  • Measure the proposed workspace
  • Choose between LED, LCD and other multi- and single display screen options
  • Decide on a realistic budget and project timeline
  • Work with a certified designer to fit and install the attached systems
Video walls can be used as a visual aid for educational and business purposes. An LED Video Wall can fine tune the impact of your visuals

How can you determine video wall size and dimensions?

Video walls on average range in size from 19 in. - 90 in, but there’s truly no limit to their size. They can be any dimension or aspect ratio, which is why they are a great solution for creative applications. To figure out how large your video wall should be, first think of the type of content you’ll display on it - if it’ll be used for digital signage, this might have a smaller size requirement than a multi-screen display used to present high definition video to large audiences. The exact size will depend on your goals for space and your capacity, but when you answer these questions first, you’ll create a range of options that will help guide a successful discussion with a Video Wall Expert.

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