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Benefits of a Lighting Control System

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Are you considering a Lighting Control System for your home? Here are 10 great benefits on how a Lighting Control System can improve your lifestyle. Get rid of all the wall acne! Chances are the rooms in your home have more than one lighting fixture which means several light switches on a wall. A lighting control system would remove them …

Casaplex Why Did Google Buy Nest?

Why Did Google Buy Nest?

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Top 4 Reasons Why Google Bought Nest Google bought Nest because of consumer data that no one else has. Google bought Nest because they wanted Fadell on their team. Google bought nest because they want to enter the home automation market. There are a number of rumors going around about why Google just spent $3.2 Billion dollars on a company …

Casaplex Crestron AirMedia

Crestron AirMedia

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A Solution to Conference Room Cable Clutter We’ve all seen it: Conference Room Cable Clutter. You walk into your company’s conference room and see a plethora of the following cables on the table to hook up your laptop to make a presentation on the TV: VGA Cables, DVI Cables, HDMI Cables, audio cables, along with some cables you never even …

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Lighting Control System

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What is a lighting control system? A lighting control system is an intelligent network of lighting controls which allows you to have control of the lights in a space. There are various types of lighting control systems available to you depending on your needs and desires.  A normal switch in your home that switches a light on and off is …

Casaplex iOS 7 - Here to Stay

iOS 7 – Here to Stay

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Over the last month, Alex Kane of our Casaplex Creative Media department has been testing iOS 7. Alex said that this would be the most exciting iOS release since the iPhone came out. He also thought that after the iOS 7 launch, most apps would update to follow the simplicity and the user interface of iOS 7 and they have. …

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Crestron vs Savant – Comparing Control Systems

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Crestron vs Savant – which system should I buy? This is the question that most clients who have done their homework usually ask. The reason this is difficult to answer is because it really depends on what the client is looking for. In addition, only a solid integrator can make either of these platforms perform to their full potential. I …