Bethesda Bowling

Alex KaneCommunity


We have plenty of meetings at Casaplex, most of them smaller dealings between a few people, but most weeks we try to have one where everybody in the company is involved. Because everybody is rather busy, we normally settle for having the lot of us on a Zoom call, but today we decided to take everybody off of the schedule and devote the entire day to celebrating the company and the team members that make it what it is.

The first half of the day was devoted to a fairly atypical meeting style. We reflected on the history of the company and focused in on the past year of successes, and then changed over to team building and creativity exercises until lunchtime. At that point, we all got in our respective vehicles and drove to the Bethesda Navy Bowling Center to have lunch, drinks, and a few hours of hanging out and having fun with each other.

It was a great chance to connect with the team and have some friendly competition (such as finding out who can pitch the ball down the lane the fastest), and everybody had a great time. Taking time out of the regular business schedule to enjoy the company of your coworkers can be an incredibly valuable experience. It’s a great reminder that we’re all more than the tasks we complete from 9 to 5, and I can’t wait for an excuse to do it again.