Automated Shades

Automated Shades

Easily manage natural and interior lights with daylight sensing. Reduce glare on screens during the day with photocell sensing or add privacy when desired with automated shades. Eliminate the need to get up from your seat during a meeting to lower shades or turn lights on and off during presentations by accessing your lighting control system with a single button press from a keypad, touchpanel or remote.

Unified Control

Unified Control

Using the same technology Casaplex employs in our conference rooms, control the shades of any room, the lighting, along with everything else currently configured. If the room doesn’t provide for those controls already, creating a dedicated button array is just as easy.

Our Partners

Crestron is the leading manufacturer of home automation control systems. Learn why Casaplex chose this platform for its most spectacular installations.
Philips Color Kinetics
Color-changing, tunable white, solid white, and solid color LED lighting fixtures deliver high-quality, digitally controllable light in the full range of interior and exterior architectural and entertainment applications.
Lutron is one of the leaders in the lighting control industry and offers a wide selection of energy saving dimmers and lighting control solutions..
Seamlessly monitor and manage boardrooms, classrooms, lecture halls, video conferencing rooms and more with Crestron® Fusion RV™. View room and projector status from the web-based user interface; remote control and chat with rooms via the built-in help desk; view reports showing room usage; receive email alerts when a projector lamp is nearing end of life.

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