HDR Touchpanel

Building Control

See the current status of all your displays from the volume level to the channel they’re on. Adjust the level of the music or what music is playing to particular parts of the building. Set the level of your lighting to create the perfect atmosphere. All from your tablet or dedicated touch screen with our custom Autumn-8 control platform.

Milestone security panel on iPad


Ensure all aspects of your building are covered from a single terminal. With the ability to monitor temperatures, lighting levels, security cameras, and even the current energy usage, Casaplex ensures you can check on everything quickly and easily.

Simple & Seamless

Control any aspect of the environment from a single touch panel with easy and utility without skipping a beat.

The Gryphon D.C. fully integrated their media using a Casaplex control system in 2013 giving them fast, easy control over the atmosphere from iPads and touchscreens.

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Conference room energy monitoring

Energy Management

Energy management systems allow owners to monitor, control, and conserve energy in a home or building automatically.

Crestron lighting panel

Crestron Powered

Bring multiple systems together with our expert Crestron installations to control any aspect of a building. Crestron provides several systems that Casaplex technicians are trained and experienced in installing. These systems provide for tools to streamline any aspect of a functioning building.

Our Partners

Crestron is the leading manufacturer of home automation control systems. Learn why Casaplex chose this platform for its most spectacular installations.
With buildings accounting for 40% of U.S. energy consumption and energy and water prices continuing to rise, people and businesses need to implement efficiency measures now more than ever. The Agilewaves Building Optimization System™ (BOS) and Resource Monitor offerings help make and actuate smart resource consumption choices that have tangible results..
Seamlessly monitor and manage boardrooms, classrooms, lecture halls, video conferencing rooms and more with Crestron® Fusion RV™. View room and projector status from the web-based user interface; remote control and chat with rooms via the built-in help desk; view reports showing room usage; receive email alerts when a projector lamp is nearing end of life.
Lutron is one of the leaders in the lighting control industry and offers a wide selection of energy saving dimmers and lighting control solutions.

Other Aspects of a Smart Building

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