iTunes 11: First Impressions

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Casaplex iTunes 11: First Impressions

Apple has just released iTunes 11. First you will notice a new iTunes icon. Then you will notice the new iTunes 11 User Interface. I am stunned at the overall refresh of the application. It is simply amazing. After just using the application for a few minutes, I am really enjoying the new UI. It is very fast and sleek. The iTunes 11 MiniPlayer works really well. iTunes 11 includes iCloud integration. The Windows Menu Bar has gone missing however, you can bring it back by pressing “Ctrl-B” on the keyboard. More to come in our full review.


Update 11/29 – 6:55 PM – ‎If you put up the mini player and then return to regular view with keyboard or menu, mini player stays up on Mac. Weird.

Update 11/29 – 7:00 PM – Some iTunes 11 issues with the “Play” button on Windows? Haven’t checked out the issue on a Mac yet.


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