A Modern Glass Getaway, High in the Mountains

Set up high on Wildcat Mountain in Fauquier County, Virginia, this stunning 10,500 sq. ft residence looks as if it jumped off the page of an architectural magazine. But its remarkable design and ideal location aren’t what makes it one of the most impressive homes in the Old Dominion. Take a look at how our team seamlessly integrated Crestron lighting and shades into this home’s design to create the perfect mountain top escape.

Sun Responsive Automated Shading

With an exterior made primarily of glass walls, this homeowner enjoys a complete 360-degree view of the lush mountain scenery. However, with sun beaming directly inside, temperatures quickly rise and work against the cooling system.

An automated shading system raises and lowers shades according to the position of the sun; significantly reducing the energy costs. Automated shades also provide privacy and prevent sun fading on windows.



Intuitive Control Throughout the Home

Everything from the doors and windows to shades, fixtures, and lighting scenes are controlled from a single point. For security, when the homeowner leaves, all shades are automatically lowered.

Smart Technology Meets Sleek Design

It was important to work closely with the architect to ensure the house’s intended visual and design aesthetic was maintained. We used in-ceiling lighting fixtures and motorized, hideaway shades to prevent technology from interfering with the design.


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