User Interfaces

Touch panel showing lighting controls

Design So Good You Will Want To Poke It With Your Fingers

On this page are examples of the user interface design we include in our systems, spanning multiple looks and feels, serving a multitude of solutions and configurations.

Getting Started

With a main activity front and center, you're ready to go! Other activities are available, tucked away.

For spaces with more variety, different activities can be presented first, with the appropriate controls appearing after selection.

Media Control

Many or few, complex or simple, there's an interface for media solutions of all shapes and sizes.


Specialized control for how your setup works for you.


Specialized control for displays that are slightly more than just displays.

Even large multi-screen multi-layout displays are ok.

Lighting & Shades

Lights with dimmers, lights without dimmers, lighting scenes, it's all possible.

Whether it's rollers, curtains, or even smartglass solutions, we've got you covered, so you can cover and uncover.

Levels & Mixers

Intricate volume controls for situations calling for microphones and/or multiple simultaneous sources.

Heading Out?

Controls and confirmation for powering off a room, all rooms, media, or everything.

Need More Ideas?


Password-protected touch panels.


Control multiple zones from one interface.


PC with integrated conference camera controls, and hard reboot button.


Warm-up popup for projectors.

Dialers for landline and VoIP.