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Delivering the ultimate viewing experience

Private cinema represents an intimate convergence of technology and construction. Acoustics and electronics must be accounted for in a way unique to the rest of the home, and call for a specific method of building in order to deliver optimal performance. As such, The Casaplex Encore Theater comprises the design and construction of the physical space, in addition to the technological aspects and integration in to System One. Our in-house team crafts custom acoustical panels, trim elements, and more in our woodworking facilities, and completes the on-site installation in tandem with the wiring, speakers, and other gear.

Media Room
Tech Media Room

The scale and function of the room may vary, from a room exclusively dedicated to viewing movies to a larger space containing an adjacent seating area and kitchen. Regardless, the resulting System One integrated product is a bespoke environment showcasing the best in private cinema.

The Casaplex Encore Theater delivers a true theatrical experience in the home, and that includes full THX Certification from the Home Acoustics Alliance. This means that the same technology and standards that are used in movie theaters around the world are adapted and used in the media rooms and dedicated theaters that we install. THX Certification ensures that cinematic sound is consistently delivered exactly as intended, precisely matching the vision of the audio engineer.

THX Certification


Media Room with Custom Kitchen

Premium picture quality and control

Advances in technology have elevated visual media to a new level of color and clarity; as a result 4K is the System One standard. Displays themselves are sleek, as thin as a quarter inch, and able to be recessed within furniture or hidden behind a mirror, only appearing when needed. The System One viewing experience is marked as much by the stunning picture quality as the ease of use.

Redskins Billiards Room
Home Theater Remote

The process of choosing what to watch should be unencumbered by myriad pieces of hardware. Changing the content – whether satellite, Blu-Ray, or a streaming service – on the screen and the room where viewing is done simply, via one point of control. The hardware for these various content sources stays out of sight, located within the System One equipment rack to eliminate clutter from the viewing area and keep focus on the screen.


Audiophile Tube Amp

Performance and aesthetics of sound

Audio plays a major role in dictating the ambiance of a home, and the experiences therein. In addition to the quality of the sound, System One accommodates for coverage, sources, appearance, and control. The ability to adjust where and what music is being played – whether indoors or outdoors – is a key factor in the user experience.

Design is another question: How do you want your sound to look? Whether a pair of custom handcrafted speakers, in-ceiling units whose architecture matches that of recessed downlight, or invisible speakers completely hidden within a wall or ceiling, the premium audio facet of System One can visually complement any space.

Other Aspects of System One

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