Luxury Home Theaters and Media Rooms


Media Rooms and Luxury Home Theatres

Beautiful design combined with high-performing audio, visual, and network technology

Home entertainment, like private screening rooms, multi-purpose rooms, and more - don’t just add a luxurious detail to your home, they truly add to a home’s livability. From watching your favorite movie or sporting event, to hosting a game night, or leading your weekly yoga workout, a beautifully designed, technology-driven space can elevate your daily life. 

Compared to the rest of the home, however, there are very unique design and tech considerations. Building out the best visual, acoustic, and network setup requires a methodical process. After all, technology needs to complement design, and that requires experience and planning. 

The Casaplex Encore Theatre takes into account the aesthetic and construction of your physical space. That means our in-house team crafts acoustical panels, trim elements, and more in our woodworking facilities, and completes the on-site installation in tandem with the wiring, speakers, and other gear. The end result is a high-performing, elegant space that can even be fully integrated with your Casaplex System One smart home.


Think beyond the home theatre...

Some ideas to consider include:

  • Audiophile listening room
  • Workout and meditation rooms
  • Wine tasting room
  • A kitchen-adjacent viewing area
  • Game room or billiards hall


Theatre grade-experience within your home with our THX Certification

Your home can deliver a complete theatrical experience. The Casaplex Encore Theater includes full THX Certification from the Home Acoustics Alliance. The same technology and standards that are used in movie theaters around the world are adapted and used in the media rooms and dedicated theaters that we install. Our audio engineer will create cinematic sound that stays consistent and precise.


Audio, visual, and more… right at your fingertips

Every entertainment project we install is paired with intuitive control design that lets you adjust not only your entertainment, but other aspects of the space in one single interface. Make changes to lighting, climate, shading, and even security from your seat. Since Casaplex doesn’t specialize in only home theatres, we offer a holistic approach to every single facet of your home that can be improved with technology. That includes technology automation, such as lighting that dims and shading that comes down automatically when your entertainment system is activated.

Our experience allows us to consider details like:

  • Acoustic fabric that preserves sound quality
  • Lighting and shading automation 
  • Automated climate control that reduces background noise during viewing

Dynamic Visual Display



Immersive picture powered by the latest visual technology

A high-end screening room starts with a visual display that draws the audience in with vivid color and captivating movement. Our visual standard starts at 4K, and we offer technologies from projectors, to LED and LCD screens. We pair visual technology with a design sensibility that understands displays should be sleek and be recessed within furniture or hidden behind a mirror, only appearing when needed.


In addition to stunning picture quality, our displays are designed with ease of use in mind, so that toggling from devices and apps is seamless. Hardware stays out of sight, out of mind, and instead we provide a single point of control for the entire space.

Precise Acoustic Design



Earth-shaking bass to true-to-life surround sound

Audio has the ability to transform your space. This is why our entertainment projects start with analyzing your space and exactly how you would like to use it. Based on this, we can create an acoustics plan specifically tailored to your needs; whether you’ll be using the space primarily for viewing, or music, if the space will be indoors, or outdoors, down to the acoustic challenges of the specific space. 

And again, when it comes to incorporating audio equipment into your space we always put design first, whether it's a pair of custom handcrafted speakers, in-ceiling units with architecture that matches an existing recessed downlight, or invisible speakers completely hidden within a wall or ceiling.

Bang & Olufsen
JL Audio
Pro Audio
Trinnov Audio

Since 2004, Casaplex has worked to innovate high-end home entertainment

Our purpose is to elevate the everyday by blending technology with expert craftsmanship and thoughtful home design. Contact us today to talk about how you’d like to improve your home experience.

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