Whole House Audio & Video


The basic system, also known as single source – single zone, distributes the same audio/video source everywhere in your home.


The advanced system, also known as single source – multiple zone, distributes the same audio/video source into multiple locations and allows for separate control in each location of your home.

Fully Integrated

The fully integrated system, also known as multiple source – multiple zone, distributes different audio and video sources to different locations which can be controlled independently of each other.

Home Theater

The Big Picture

You want the best TV or projector for your home theater, but when you get to the store you’re bombarded with hundreds of acronyms, numbers, and catchphrases. Just because you know you want a big, beautiful display doesn’t mean that you should have to wade through thousands of confusing options all by yourself. Let us cut through all the industry lingo to help you choose the best screen and mounting option for your home theater.

Distributed Audio

Why relegate the high quality audio of your home to just the theater? With a distributed audio system, you can listen to whatever you want, wherever you want, all with pristine quality. Whether you’re cooking dinner, getting ready in the morning, or relaxing by the pool, there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying your favorite podcast, album, or radio station.


Don’t want to see all those speakers, equipment, and cables that make the magic happen? No problem. We understand that aesthetics are an important factor in your home and can hide all your electronics out of sight where they belong. We can paint in-wall or in-ceiling speakers to match your room or cover them in acoustical fabric so that you can hear them without having to see them. We can put the brains of your system in another room and make the mess of cables behind your TV a thing of the past.


Nobody wants to keep track of half a dozen remotes or how to use them. Casaplex can take all the controls for your home theater and simplify them into a single universal remote or touch panel to make your system so easy that anybody can use it. No more cheat sheets for how to operate your system. With the option of programming the remote into your tablet or smart phone, using your home theater has never been simpler or more convenient.

Display & Audio Calibration

Display Calibration

Video calibration is an important step with any display. TVs are set up to catch your attention in a bright showroom, with oversaturated and inaccurate colors, tan-inducing brightness, and a range of effects that can fundamentally change what you’re watching from the original intent of the filmmaker. ISF Calibration can help you see how your content is actually supposed to look.

Audio Calibration

All speakers are different, and all rooms are different. Using sophisticated calibrating equipment, Casaplex technicians are able to properly tune your speaker setup to your room, adjusting for acoustics, speaker position, even the decorations on the walls to maximize the sound quality. Hear the difference a properly calibrated audio system can create!

Other Aspects of a Smart Home

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Comfort & Convenience

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Security & Networking

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