Home Automation

Centralized Control

One touch away from anything with a Crestron touch screen. Turn on lights, check who’s at the door, and play music to the backyard. Control any element of your home through the push of a button.

Integrated Systems

Bring your technology in your home together in a single solution. Play any movie or music in any room at any time through our skill in making technology come together in a new way.

Energy Efficiency

Let us create new and exciting ways to help you go green! Scheduling lights to turn off, solar panels to cool your home, and shades to keep out the heat. We can bring in a new way to save. We even provide ways to see just how effective it is!

Simplistic Security

Discrete cameras protect your home without getting in the way, and remote monitoring solutions ensure that you can always keep an eye on things no matter where you are.

Lighting & Shade Solutions

Automatic Convenience

As you are pulling into your driveway lights can be triggered to turn on in your home. Add safety and security to your home while you are away by playing back real life lighting and shading events which make potential intruders think someone is home. Conveniently monitor and control any light no matter where you are right from your Apple iPhone, iPad or Android device.

No Light Left Behind

Every light, drape, and fan in your home can all be controlled by a single system. This means that you can adjust multiple lights from one button press, from any device you want, no matter where you are.

Complete Shade Control

Maybe you want your shades to automatically open at sunrise and close at sunset. Or maybe you want fine control over your drapes through a convenient touchpanel. No matter what the end goal is, automated drape control lets you illuminate your home with the best light source available — the sun.

Introduction to Lighting Control

Check out this video of our lighting specialist Nastassja going over some features of an automated lighting control system. If you’re interested in more advanced lighting control, check out some more information on our commercial lighting page!

Learn More About Lighting Control

With a wide selection of articles, our information comes from our highly trained lighting expert to help you decide if a lighting system is right for you.

Climate Control


You might not want every single room to be controlled by a single thermostat, and that’s fine! With Casaplex’s help, you can set your own comfort level without affecting anyone else’s. Simply select the desired room and change the settings accordingly.


Want to walk into a warm home on a chilly, winter day or maybe you have the thermostat scheduled to turn on but aren’t there? No problem! You can access your climate settings online or from your smart phone and adjust them to your liking.

Energy Efficiency

Don’t use any more energy than you need! By automating your climate systems, you can reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint. It’s as easy as setting up a schedule for your system to turn off while you aren’t home.

Other Aspects of a Smart Home

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Security & Networking

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