CCTV / Camera Systems

Utilizing high definition, ultra wide angle, and infrared cameras you can always see everything that happens in and around your building. Casaplex partners with the best brands in the industry, like Axis and Milestone, to ensure that you have a world class infrastructure.

Access Control

Limit who has access to your building at different times of the day. Keep secure rooms away from people without clearance. Grant entry wirelessly if needed. With a powerful access control solution, you can ensure that the only people with access to your building are the ones you choose.

Alarm Systems / Intrusion Detection

A powerful intrusion detection and alarm system is a necessary part of any modern building. In addition to CCTV and access control, Casaplex utilizes motion sensors, door and window monitors, and more, to automatically alert you and the authorities if an unauthorized presence is detected in your building.

Integration & Control

Monitor and control the security systems in your building. Review camera footage, grant or limit access, respond to potential intrusions, and more, whether you are on site or at a remote location. Casaplex’s powerful automation and integrated security technologies always keep you in control.

Our Partners

Honeywell is a global expert in security and control technologies providing solutions to emerging threats to commercial, industrial, residential, and homeland security require new ideas, technologies, and solutions.
Axis provides a complete range of solutions for a broad spectrum of industry segments and applications. Whether you need a few cameras, or a few thousand, our solutions are easy to install and easy to adapt to changing needs.
Milestone Xprotect
Milestone Network Video Recording software provides an open platform for deep integration into other IP security systems bringing a new level of seamlessness and stability to every security implementation.
Siedle design is committed to functionality, ergonomics and the simple operation of complex systems. Minimalistic styling focusing on essentials means that these products will continue to offer lasting visual appeal. Their design is removed from the vagaries of passing fashions without negating long-term trends.

Other Aspects of a Smart Building

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