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System One encompasses the Casaplex residential model: it is our philosophy, our methodology, the life cycle of how we bring a system to fruition and how it functions once we do.

This platform encompasses a select, standardized list of processes as well as products. Our narrow concentration begets expertise, and a level of craftsmanship evident from the intuitive design and programming of our systems to the clean and careful wiring of our racks.

In keeping with our philosophy of seeking and standardizing on excellence for our internal operations, we carry the same mindset toward our external associations.

Our goal: to create a partner program for dealers nationwide to leverage our System One model. As our CEO told CE Pro recently, “We want to help some of the smaller integrators out there who may never plan to have their own service department, strong back office, and engineering, etc. We want to take this concept of System One and share it in the market; the idea is to help the industry through these partnerships.”

System One Partner Program

If you are a dealer interested in participating in our forthcoming System One partner program, complete the form below. We will contact you regarding your interest in the program, and share periodic progress updates as the program develops. After form submission, you will be receiving a digital copy of our promotional S1 booklet.