A state-of-the-art conference room.

Conference Rooms

Meetings don’t have to be boring and conference rooms don’t have to be complicated. A conference room system brings all the utility of your smart phone and laptop to the meeting with the click of a button. Wirelessly connect to the television to broadcast presentations and even to remote callers with the power of a video teleconferencing system. Sleek touchscreens bring all this to the center of the table.

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A building control panel

Building Monitoring & Control

Using only the best technologies, Casaplex can help to bring building management under control and to a touch screen. Gain control over the thermostat and lights and be able to see what was left on, and even turn it off. Check cameras and recent movement alerts without changing apps. Control the music and tv’s from a single point and never worry about which remote does what again.

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Lighting & Windows Treatment

Lighting & Window Treatment

Ensure that the work environment is always comfortable with automated shades and unified control. The ability to monitor which lights are on and switch them off is brought away from the lightswitch and to the smart devices. Bring your shades to the same plane and make presentations a step towards theatric.

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Cisco phone

Telecommunications & Networking

Casaplex can provide the framework for business growth and expansion. Using cutting edge networking and telecommunication technology. Focus on business knowing that the Casaplex has handled the wiring infrastructure start to finish and everything relying on it will run at it’s best.

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A gooseneck holding a perimeter security camera.

Security Systems

Protect investments and people by having a solid security system. With options ranging from access control to camera surveillance, Casaplex can implement the system to help cover all the necessary bases. Take it to the next level by integrating it with other systems for more building management opportunities.

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Audio calibration software

Pro Audio & Video

Audio and video-philes rejoice! Casaplex can help bring your media experience to the next level with our experience professional audio and video equipment, we can help choose the perfect solution for the building and calibrate it to it’s optimal settings.

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